Monday, December 1, 2008


It's showtime!

Celebrating my 20th birthday in Vegas with my best friend... Nothing more I could ask for! So there are several things I learned while on this trip. One: Halloween is a blessing in Vegas! Two: There can never be too much fun, you just have to know where to go, and how to act accordingly.

There are sever pros and cons about celebrating your 20th birthday.
Let's start with the pro side!

1) Remembering what happened while on your trip is definitely a plus.
2) What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and does not follow you home... (reference to the drunk part of Vegas)
3) Walking the strip will not freak you out with the flashy lights and loud music... (reference to the drunk part of Vegas)
4) Returning safely to your hotel room, rather than waking up in jail dazed and confused, not remember what had happened the night before.
5) Remembering when and where you took that awesome picture with that hot girl, even if she does not.
6) Not being 21, causes you to be creative and imaginative, meaning, you are still having fun!
and finally....
7) Walking everywhere causes you to be in great shape!

The con side!
1) Well, you aren't 21
2) Shows that you really want to see that are in bars sucks... (Wayne Brady Comedy Show)
3) Being in college still, money is tight, meaning you can't do a lot of stuff anyway
4) When hot girls ask your age, and you say 20, they walk away.... lame
5) You want to forget what just happened, but you can't...
6) Walking next to a Texas Hold 'em Tournament is just torture!
7) Hearing loud music, and seeing hot girls walk out of clubs in just unfair!!

Despite not being 21 for this trip, it was surprisingly awesome. I enjoyed every minute of this trip with my best friend, well, except for the walking past the Texas Hold 'em tournament... I wanted to play with them so bad! The thing is, turning 21, for me anyway, will nto be a big deal. Yeah, I get to drink legally, and yeah, i can gamble, or get into bars and clubs... But the way i want to live my life is still on the right path; How I'm living my life already. I don't need the other perks of being 21 in order to enjoy life. I am fine the way I am.. And yeah, if my dad wants to hang out with me at a bar, sure! That would be a lot of fun, but I don't have t drink to have a good time, I can just beat my dad at pool and have the best night of my life!!! Haha, I'm calling you out dad! Bring it!

Until next time... Au revoir!

~Nico Miller~


Al Aburto said...

I watch the Texas Hold-em on television every week. I think the key is paying careful attention to everthing going on at the table and being able to read people correctly, else it is pure luck of the draw.

I'm very glad that being 21 is not critical to you! Those things that make a difference between being 20 or 21 are not that overly important. Although when you turn 21 you will, I think, feel a greater sense of freedom.

Ok, I want to hear who wins that pool game ... :-)
Take care! Keep writing ...

Nico said...

Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I have seen and played my share of poker to know patience is key, but also, when you play your hand, play to win... Anyway, there are many other depths poker goes into, but I am too tired to write about them, maybe when you visit ; ) we will play, and I can show you.