Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Semester.... Here we go!

Hello again,

So last week Wednesday marked the official day of my second semester as a sophomore. It is weird, but it feels like I never left the campus. Like I was trapped in a fantasy world, and when I woke from this dream, I was still on campus, walking around as if nothing new has happened, nothing has changed, nothing at all... I guess there is one thing that has changed that proves I actually had a break, and that is the fact that I have new classes. Ha! My class schedule this semester will be both adventurous, and academically difficult. I am taking a Learning Community Psychology, and Literature class. What this means is both classes are somehow linked together. We will discover the differences and similarities in Literature and Psychology. This also means, I will not be writing creative papers, but papers more along the lines of straight fact, giving the reader more of a historical or critical viewpoint. This will be difficult for me to write about this because, well, for one; I love writing creatively and two; It is writing about Psychology... I mean, what could be worse than that??? Anyway, gotta get ready for my next class, until next time my dear friends, take care

Nico Miller

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