Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Alluring Elements of a Rainstorm

Sitting on my worn porch watching the overcast night sky, the soft rain falls, pattering against my feet. It feels different than most rainstorms, misty, relaxing really. The warm cooling feeling of summer, as it comes to an end. The air is different too. It is a calming; softly blowing wind that touches your face, almost cradling you as your sweet mother’s hands used to caress you until you fell asleep. The closing flowers gently follow the wind in a magical dance stealing the show.
The cloudy, dark sky lights up, illuminating my face, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next. The most intimidating, yet peaceful sound the world has to offer. A few seconds later, thunder erupts, echoing over the entire valley. Crackling, clashing, gigantic booms that make your heart shake, and give you that feeling of astonishment and awe. The thunder dies, leaving the clapping of the rain as if the symphony has ended in a marvelous finale. The rain splashes lazily on my brown spotted lawn, slowly dripping making, what would seem like a ferocious river to an insect, a small stream of water leading to the street. There is a mixture of noise where the rain patters against the cracked sidewalk, the newly washed cars, and the constant dripping from the beds of vibrant flowers. The carved clay, painted glass, and decorative plastic pots that mothers try so hard to keep their lovely plants alive also start to fill up with water, making the job that much harder. I watch as the rain makes a small pool in the classic, metal trash can lid, making a soft “bloomp” noise. All of these simple objects make such a beautiful, harmonious, calming song that I just lean back and close my eyes, listening to the symphony of nature. Opening my eyes slightly, a bright flash of white caught my attention. I looked at the already developed "river" running down my street. Squinting to make out the blurry white oval, I glanced up... Taking a deep breathe, I saw the most wonderful finishing touch to end my night. The full moon was glorious as ever. Shimmering proudly in the nights storm, almost close enough to grab. This moment was perfect. Nothing could upset me... Not even the knowledge that morning is coming soon.

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