Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Camping Trip

This camping trip was a family trip to Current Creek. Current Creek is in Duschene County, about 30 miles away from Duschene. We have been to Current Creek before, and have loved it every time we have gone. I believe the last time or the time before that, I caught eight fish in half an hour. This place is on the down low because it is past strawberry lake, and not a huge amount of people know about it. We attempted to leave Friday morning, but as awesome planners as we are, ended up leaving around four in the afternoon. When we arrived, we discovered that there had been a bear sighting not too long ago, so we were very cautious throughout the entire trip. Unfortunately, the fish were stubborn and we did not have a single bite on out poles this trip. However, disappointing this is, it will not stop us from coming again. We love it there!!!

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